Alternative cash options for people with poor credit score

Alternative cash options for people with poor credit score

First item on the list are the credit unions you have surely heard of. They provide you with an affordable interest rate and there is certainly one near you. These non-profit organizations are known for sustaining people in their local community. They have no hidden penalties or fees but be aware that some of the union will require that you save some money first if you want to be able to borrow some later. 

Social funds are another mean for getting money if you cash loans have been disapproved. In some cases payday loans are an excellent solution. Such a lender will charge a very high interest rate, even up to 25% of the amount you’ve borrowed. While you will end up paying back loads of money, they are a good solution if you need cash really fast and plan on paying it back just as fast. 
Some people in desperate need of cash also turn to home credit. This money is given to you by designated sales people that delver the money at your doorstep. Make sure the lender has a license and you don’t borrow the money without enquiring about the interest rate. Should anyone call to offer you a loan at your house, know that this is an illegal procedure.

Ever heard of pawnbrokers? Their interest rates are huge, but they allow you to trade in something of value that you own like jewelry in exchange for cash. In the contract that you sign, there needs to be a specific period for keeping those valuables which you can later buy back by returning the amount borrowed plus the specific interest rate. Not paying back your debt does not attract penalties, but you will lose the good you’ve turned in. Before turning to a pawn broker, make sure they are members of the National Pawnbrokers Association. 

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