Alternatives to Same Day Loans

Alternatives to Same Day Loans

Same day loans are loans offered for very short amounts of time (regularly for less than two weeks) and that refer to low amounts of money as well (less than $1000). The advantages of such same day loans are represented by the fact that a person that urgently needs money can get that money in just a day, not like it happens with financial institutions, such as banks, that offer you a loan within a week, after presenting all the documentation needed by the bank. And here is how another advantage of same day loans rises: lenders that offer loans like this do not ask for such documentation. They can ask what is your workplace, and how much is your wage, but they will never ask for documents to prove that. Banks, on the other hand, need those documents, otherwise they are not able to grant loans.

But the main disadvantage of same day loans is represented by the high interest rates (for example, for a loan of $350, a person needs to pay another $50, representing the fee for getting that loan that quickly). So in order to avoid this type of loans, you can consider these next ways.

The first one is to ask money from your friends, neighbours, acquaintances, or other people in which you can trust. The second one is to ask your employer to pay your wage in advance, motivating that you need the money for some medical investigations or to get a new couch. In fact, it does not even matter what is your reason for asking a pay in advance; just use this method in case you want to avoid a same day loan, because in most cases, it works.

Another way to avoid short-term credit is to search for another possibility of buying a certain product or service. For example, if you want to buy a computer, but you don't have the money to get that computer right now, and also you don't want to wait until that manufacturer will offer discounts for their products, you can make a special card issued by that manufacturer, that will give you the possibility of buying products from them and paying them when you have the money (meaning from one month to even six months after buying a certain product). However, like any other thing that seems very good at the beginning, this method has a disadvantage as well: in order to make a special card like the one mentioned earlier, you will have to provide documentation, like in the case of getting a loan from a bank, and this could cost you time. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid borrowing $200 or $300 from companies that deal with offering short-term credit, you can wait for 2 or 3 days, until your card will be issued, and you will have the possibility of buying any product that you want.

And if you eventually decide that you need a same day loan, make sure to have the possibility of returning the loan within the time establish from the beginning with the lender, in order to avoid the additional and very high fees, that could be added to the amount of money that you have borrowed.

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