• Updated:2015-10-26 08:36:46
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  • Borrower:Amanda
  • Location:Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Need Amount:$1,000
  • Collateral:Car
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Hello, My name is Amanda. I am working a 11AM-7PM job, Monday through Friday. I receive around $2000/monthly. Lately bills have been going towards my car since I don't own a fancy new car, it always breaks down. I also just got out of an abusive relationship of 3 years. Finally got my own home and then I had a million problems pop up between when I got it and now. The reason I need this loan is because I have no where else to go. I am too far from friends or family for them to help and I am embarrassed to ask my family since we barely talk more then once or twice a year.
I haven't talked with many of my friends from back home for about 3 years or since before I got with my ex. Long story short, I need the loan so I am not homeless. I always am able to pay my loans and bills back from the times I did borrow back from friends.
I am very desperate and need it before the end of this week. If anyone can help, I'd be very very appreciative. Please message me anytime, or call!

Thank you!

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