• Updated:2015-12-16 07:33:58
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  • Borrower:GMJmartins
  • Location:Boston, Massachusetts
  • Need Amount:$8,000
  • Collateral:None
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I am a self employed mother of three that has been extremely successful my entire life helping other grow their businesses. This year I came across an extremely difficult situation where I lost my biggest client due to the company filing bankruptcy after being sued by a former client. They were 90% of my income and I was doing extremely well with them, now I've had to restructure my company and start all over again by going after new clients, new business and a new market. In the process my credit has been extremely damaged because I have not been able to pay my credit cards or my debt because the money I am currently bringing in is barely to provide food for my children. I just signed on to a new company with a great position starting January 4, 2016 and I just need $8000 to pay my home, my basic utilities, some past due bills and taxes to get by until then. I am very open to various interest rate terms. Thank you.

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